Thank You Images Agency!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Midwest Regional Showcase on Sunday, November 16.  The atmosphere was superb and everyone was very supportive! 

We (your clients) were privileged to applaud "Images" with a rousing standing ovation for "a job well done."  You are indeed highly appreciated and respected by clients, managers, agents, and casting directors!

It is very apparent why "Images" was chosen to host the showcase for the second year in a row.  Ms. Smith, you and your staff have proven to be extremely  hardworking professionals, who are genuinely interested in the success of their clients. 

I would be remiss if I did not salute all of you for the tedious back-end work that went into preparation for the prestigious event. For example, composing and or selecting tailor-made commercials for the individual contestant, spending time rehearsing with the clients, proofreading resumes, and making sure that we had  stellar comp cards/headshots. A special thanks to Ms. Cheryl Arnold for retrieving the blue parking passes for us and for every task that she performed. The magnitude of Ms. Arnold's worth as a professional and as an individual is priceless.  Like you, Ms. Arnold is top tier!

Ms. Smith, you and your entire staff, including Sharon, Stacy,Tracy,Pat, Donya, Danielle, and all others are great assets to "Images."  All of you have always administered elite customer service and support!

It was so uplifting to see the young people having a great time dancing and having fun.  Frankly, all of us enjoyed the D.J.'s choices of music. His selection of music covered different genres and catered to everyone's era.

Finally, what I respected the most about the showcase was that EVERYONE received callbacks. Everyone emerged as a winner and absolutely no one should have felt slighted!

Again, thank you all for making Sunday such a memorable and delightful  occasion.  Your hard work and dedication to "Images"  and to the clients will produce immeasurable dividends!

With much appreciation,

Mary A. Barnes