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Ripken Voelker   

To say Ripken had fun yesterday is an understatement.  He was excited about being second runner up for Best Smile - well excited doesn't come close.  He couldn't wait to tell his dad and sister about it and was beaming when we took pictures of him with his award.  (and then he asked me why I didn't have him in the beachware or jeans categories)  He really, really wants to model and is getting more excited about commercials, but I think he needs some additional training when it comes to 'acting out' the commercials.  He can memorize quite well, but as you've seen, he needs to work on adding some flavor to it.  If you have any suggestions for this, please share.

Thanks for putting this event together.  I had no idea what to expect going in, but it made Ripken's day!  Now, let's hope we hear back from some of the agents!  :-)

--Kris Voelker