If you are interested in being seen by Agents, Casting Directors, Managers for modeling and acting in the Chicago area, Minneapolis area, Cincinnati area,  and/or Milwaukee area contact us.

September 22, 2019 Midwest Regional Showcase

MDW Showcase September 16, 2018

Midwest (MDW) Regional Showcase is the ultimate event that will showcase “work ready” actors, singers, dancers and models to agents, managers and casting directors from Chicago, Minneapolis, AtlantaMilwaukee, and Cincinnati.  These agents have started and fast-tracked the careers of hundreds of young people trying to break into the industry. Through the Midwest (MDW) Regional Showcase you have the opportunity to achieve the exposure to local and national industry professionals that could take years to achieve on your own.


MDW Showcase December 3, 2017

June 11, 2017 Midwest (MDW) Regional Showcase