Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors that have gone to Midwest (MDW) Regional Showcase

Agency Models and Talent -- Minneapolis

Ambassador Talent -- Chicago

Babes N Beaus -- Chicago

BMG Models-- New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and International

Crawford Talent

Grey Talent Group -- Chicago

Jaffa International -- Chicago

SNB Model Management -- Milwaukee and Chicago

Lily's Talent --  Chicago

Manikin Agency -- Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta

PCG Talent -- Cincinnati

Presence Models -- Atlanta

Regarding Actors -- Chicago

Shinaberry Agency -- Chicago

SLAMM Model Management -- Atlanta

SNB Model Management -- Wisconsin/Chicago

Stewart Talent -- Chicago

Shirley Hamilton Talent - Chicago

What Agents are saying about Midwest (MDW) Regional Showcase:

  • Thank you again for a wonderful weekend in St. Louis.  It was such a pleasure meeting everyone and what an amazing event it was, but specifically the talent was so well prepared no only with the monologues, runway walks but also they were so excited and personable when we met them one on one! Stefanie -- BMG Global

  • This showcase was one of my favorite that I have attending with your agency.  The photos were lovely and looked like the talent. All were well dressed and looked professional.  The level of confidence in the room was tangible.  All were well prepared and enjoyed doing the work.  That goes a LONG way.  I think the improv section was a success - probably because the talent was comfortable and confident.  One last side note that does matter quite a bit - the parents of the kids that I spoke to allowed the child to be the focus of the call back.  With out trying to sound patronizing - I thought the parents were very feel behaved in the callback setting, and often times I have found that to not be the case.  Thank you for the opportunity to see the work!         Mike -- Gray Talent Group
  • I love coming out for the Midwest Regional Showcase.  The talent are always well prepared and stay so positive throughout the whole experience.  You can just tell how hard they work and it reflects in their performances.  I also love that you guys added the improv section in the showcase. Everyone had so much fun with it, and it really gave us a chance to see how they work under pressure in front of a large group of people.          Casey -- Stewart Talent
  • The professionalism of Midwest Showcase combined with the level of talent that is presented, make it a favorite event of mine when searching for new talent.  I have found actors here for multiple productions. 
    Scott -- Regarding Talent
  • Thank you so much for yet another wonderful weekend. I had a great time and I LOVED the improv portion this time around. It's nice to see them let loose and show us a bit of their personality. It's always so fun to find gems like Melissa who have an outrageous amount of talent and she only just started this journey a couple months ago!    
    Kylie -- Shirley Hamilton Talent
  • Thank you once again for having me there at the showcase in St. Louis. As it was a good showcase, as well. It was a good pool of talent there. A few of them I've had interest and I hope to hear from them soon. Jaffa -- Jaffa Models International